Prism Color Collection

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Prism Color Collection

 Highlighter: A hightlighting Powder to illuminate your best features, reflective luminesent pearls that amplify skins natural radiance.

Top Coat: Stand Alone Luminous Color, perfect eye brighter.

Transforming Eye Shadow:Wear these versatile colours alone, or over black shadow and see them transform into an entirely new shade.

Available in 5-Well Eyeshadow Collection:


Try all shades in our ultimate luminizing Pallet - A holographic collection of 5 prismatic shades. Take the look from day to night by layering our prism shadows over our blackest black eyeshadow. Experiment with different deep colours to create your own.


triple milled

highly pigmented

all available as refills- Coming Soon.

can be used wet as an eyeliner - we suggest liquid transformer.

Approximate measurements of Prism pallet: W 5 3/4 " x H 1/2 " x D 2 "

 Includes eye applicators - Prism pallet only.