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What does my maternity leave look like?

Maternity leave, in the traditional sense, has never looked traditional for me. When I was pregnant with my first son back in 2013, I was working both behind the chair and on the blog. About halfway through my pregnancy, I decided to close up shop in my private studio and simply focus on the blog for my career. I did my best to prep content to automatically go live while I was figuring out those first few weeks of motherhood, but I’m pretty sure I was drafting posts and responding to e-mails within a week of being home with baby David. I took it a little easier with Luke, but still jumped back in relatively quickly!

With this baby, I don’t know if it’s the mindset of this likely being our last, or just maturity on my part, but I’ve been working very diligently on setting up some time for me to truly unplug and rest after having this baby. That’s pretty much impossible in my industry, but there are a lot of things I CAN do ahead of time to continue providing blog posts and other content while I’m out!

For the month of May, I have lots of beauty and lifestyle posts going live that have been scheduled ahead of time! The posting schedule is pretty consistant to what you’ve come to expect in the past! You may not even notice any changes!  I’m planning on easing back into a regular work routine (whatever THAT looks like!!) at some point in June.

I may be a bit slower than usual in responding to comments, so I’d ask that you be patient with me for the month of May! I’ll more than likely be oversharing on Instagram Stories and my feed, so be sure to follow along over there!

I think this a lot more than I say it: Thanks for following along and reading the blog. The community and interaction from you all is what makes this blog so fulfilling for me! I’m grateful to be able to share bits and pieces of my family life with you all as well! 


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