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Thoughts on transitioning from 2 to 3

For Justin and I, the transition from 0 to 1 kid was much more dramatic than the transition from 1 to 2.

In fact, we were so ready to get started on expanding our family after having David that we started trying again for a second baby when David was only a few months old. Quite to our surprise, considering it took 14 months to get pregnant with David, I got pregnant pretty quickly the second time around. Luke and David are 14 months apart and I have to say I love that age gap for them. To be fair, I think whatever age gap they ended up having would work because, well, that’s just what our “normal” would be, but the 14 month thing has really worked well for us and them!

The timing on baby #3 was a bit more difficult to get on the same page about because we were further away from the baby stage, but I must admit I’m excited to only have one baby instead of a newborn and a 14 month old at the same time.

Only one baby in diapers?! Sign me up!

I really don’t know what to expect with this third baby, but I’m swinging pretty hard between wishing delivery day would just GET HERE ALREADY and savoring these last few weeks as a family of four. I think both boys are going to be big helpers for Justin and I, but Luke has proven to be much more interested in babies in the past. When friends have had babies, or even when we met my little nephew, Luke would immediately make a bee-line to the baby and want to hold him or her. He would offer his beloved “nigh nigh” (his blanket) and try to put a pacifier in the baby’s mouth. David would take a gander, but pretty quickly move on to toys or something else.

David, though, has started to put Luke down for nap time or bedtime and resists any assistance from me. He covers him up with his blanket, hangs an extra blanket over the side of his bed, and tells him the same phrase I say every time I put him down.

“Goodnight buddy, sleep good. Love you!”

David won’t even let me close the door, he must do it all! I’m excited to see what “jobs” David adopts as his own for this baby, and to see what Luke thinks of this whole change for the family.

Personally, I’ve really tried to set my focus on eliminating stressors so I can adjust from 2 to 3 with patience and grace. I like order, structure, and a schedule, and all 3 of those things are going to be more challenging for awhile. Prepping blog content and even making notes about easy meals to make so I don’t have to try to think of something to cook (that’s so much harder than the actual cooking to me!) are a few ways I’m trying to set myself up for an easier transition.

Mostly, I’m just so ready to meet this baby and find out whether I have a daughter or another son and soak up the gift that is a newborn baby.



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