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A surprising last minute decision about this baby’s delivery

At one of my last appointments with my OB-GYN she mentioned the option of choosing a clear drape for the c-section. My immediate gut reaction was a dramatic “absolutely not a chance in history would I ever even consider doing something like that” but I chose to keep those feelings inside and simply ask, “Well, what does that mean? What would Justin and I be able to see?”

You know, like a normal, rational person would.

For backstory, this idea came up at the little baby shower my friends threw for me recently and one of my pregnant friends chimed in with the fact that she was for sure doing a clear drape. My friend Nicole also chose a clear drape with her last baby, but I was so closed off to the idea that I hadn’t even considered it!

When my doctor explained what actually happens when they use a clear drape, I actually got a little excited about the idea. If you’ve never had a c-section before, there is a drape hung up from right below your breasts to about 4 feet above you. It separates you from the procedure so you can’t see anything. In the past, when it’s time for Justin to enter the operating room, he comes and sits by my head on my same side of the drape. With a clear drape, they basically drop down the top half of the drape to allow you to see through right when the baby is coming out. It’s not during the whole process, it’s just at the end when they are getting the baby.

With David, my first, I remember having a hard time connecting the fact that this baby that my husband was holding was the same baby that came out of my pregnant belly. I didn’t see or feel him come out (which is clearly the goal of a c-section) and I remember being a little thrown off by not being aware of the end of my pregnancy. As someone who loves being pregnant, I was sad that it was over and I didn’t feel like I had prepared myself to not experience the end of it with a physical feeling or visual opportunity.

With my c-section for Luke, my doctor held him up really high so Justin could see over the drape and tell me it was a boy, and then she even popped his head over the curtain really quick so I got a fast glance at him before he was whisked away to the warm room. It was one of the most fun and exciting times in my life.

So with this baby, and hearing what a clear drape would allow, I warmed up pretty fast to the idea of being able to SEE the baby taken out from my body. And the doctor would be holding this baby up enough that I could see through the clear part of the drape while the nurses are cutting the cord and tying that off. I’ve never been able to see that happen with my babies! Justin and I would be able to see at the same time whether it’s a boy or a girl, and I love that idea as well.

I figured he would need some serious convincing of this idea as a pretty queasy person, but he actually was open-minded about it. More than I was, in fact. He noted that it would be different to find out the sex of the baby together instead of him getting to tell me and I was sensitive about that because I’ve always said that was the best part of Luke’s birth. He wanted to recreate that, for him and for me, so this clear drape idea was changing the plan a little bit. At this point, we’re on the same page about doing the clear drape, and I’m actually not super confident I’m going to be able to see well while laying down wearing my glasses so I’ll still charge him with the job of saying the baby’s sex out loud to me!

If you had asked me two weeks ago if I’d be open to doing a clear drape, I would have said “NO WAY,” but after learning what it means, I can’t wait!

I’ve written about my c-sections here and here if you are pregnant and have one scheduled or would like to hear about the experience in case you have to have an emergency c-section. 

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