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A few things in my hospital bag + recommendations from other moms

If you’ve already read this 1,000 times on my blog I’m sorry to keep repeating myself but it’s hard to gauge what people know and what they may have missed! For example, it’s so funny to me to read comments from Instagram followers asking for a hair tutorial because they have no idea that I have hundreds of them on my YouTube channel! So many blog readers discovered me through those tutorials on Pinterest, so I assume most people know that about me, but not everyone does!

Anyway, I’m having a third scheduled c-section for this baby because I’ve already had two. History has shown that I recover quickly from these and I can only hope for an easy recovery just like the last two!

Since this is my third, I have a pretty good idea of what the hospital stay is like. They let me out early last time because everything was normal and good, but traditionally it’s a 3 day stay. I overpacked BIG TIME for the very first hospital stay, and overpacked a little bit the second time around.

I’m sure I’ll overpack for this time, but I’m trying to remember that I can always send Justin home to grab something for me in case I need it. Plus, he appreciates the opportunities for fresh air!

A few things I’m packing in my bag for this hospital stay are:

  1. Comfortable nursing bras (more like a bralette). I’ve packed nursing tanks in the past but I like the skin to skin contact better when I’m just wearing a bralette. Plus my incredibly flattering mesh underwear reaches above my belly button so I’ve got extra coverage there anyway.
  2. A sweater in case I get cold. I’ll pack my robe as well, but that can be a lot of fabric for when I’m laying in the bed. A sweater is easy to throw on or drape over the front of me.
  3. Comfortable onesies for baby! I have a few grey and white options, but I’m also bringing some pink and blue options!
  4. Some toiletries. A shower feels wonderful, but I typically don’t wash my hair until I get home. I’ve usually washed it fresh right before we head in, and laying in bed all day doesn’t really mess with it or create much need for it to be washed. I’ll pack a few hair products, hair ties, a brush, etc. just to get me through! Other toiletries here would be my skincare products and some simple makeup.
  5. White blankets. The hospital blankets are great for swaddling but not my top choice for a blanket to use in a photo. I’ll bring one to lay him or her down on in order to take a few photos!
  6. Weekender Bag. This bag is a good size and keeps me from overpacking. I’ll be able to fit everything that baby and I need in here!

While I was thinking through what I needed to pack, I reached out to a few other influencers that I love to follow to ask what their MUST HAVE items are when they have their babies.

from left: Abby, Lauren, Anna, and Kailee

Abby Smith, Twist Me Pretty : I make sure to bring my maternity sweat pants and miralax! After four babies and three c-sections I’ve learned the hospital is not the time to be glamorous!

Lauren McBride, Lauren McBride -the blog: Depends! If you thought the mesh panties and the big bulky pad were good, just wait until you try Depends! The Always Discreet are thin so if it feels a little less like a diaper, and they do a way better job of handing that post-birth flow. So much more secure and comfortable, even for c-section moms! Game changer!

Anna Liesemeyer, In Honor Of Design: Something I was sooo thankful I stuck in my bag was my own comfy support leggings and soft robe. There is nothing better than getting out of that hospital gown to cuddle your babe with.

Kailee Wright, Kailee Wright : My go-to for every baby are my granny panties or now Spanx high waisted underwear. I put them on right after I can get up and moving. The just suck everything in and hold all those pads right next to you so you don’t feel like anything is falling out. They help give my back extra support too. Plus, I swear the tightness helped bring my hips back down a lot faster after birth! 

It’s so good to hear from other moms about what they really appreciated having in the hospital. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, there is so much to think about that it’s easy to forget even simple things, like a robe, but those are the things that go a long way in making you feel a bit more comfortable in the hospital.

P.S. This is such a cute top for spring! This looks easy for throwing on over a nursing tank, and has lots of really high reviews too! 




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