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Crayola Box Chronicles – wk 7 This week’s out of the box color is Pink Pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and the romantic. I have always loved the color of pink for most of those reasons. Almost any woman you talk to says “I think of pink as going back to my childhood”. The pink dresses that mom bought, the mountain of pink hair bows that stood out on my head. The soft pink room I couldn’t wait to enjoy with friends. It puts a smile on your face as...

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 Crayola Box Chronicles- wk 6 This week’s out of the box color is Gray. Gray has become one of the most universal colors in the Crayola box, next to of course, the reigning color of black. This neutralizing blend of black and ivory gives a lighter play of color, which has become the next best option when substituting for a darker alternative. Ten years of seeing this color evolve in the market is now a standard. Gray continues to command it presence of a calming understated elegance. This week I went back and forth thinking, should I talk about fashion...

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                                        Crayola Box Chronicles wk-5                                                      HOT WHITE                               This week’s out of the box color is White. Summer is in full effect now, with days reaching temperatures in the high 90’s.  Whew, that’s enough to make you stay indoors and keep cool right. So how do you look chic and stay cool? Well, with the color white of course.  White is lightweight and refreshing to wear,...

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Crayola Box Chronicles wk- 4 This week’s out of the box color is Green There’s no better color to start your day off with, than the wellbeing color of green. For weeks we have been glued to watching all things Royalty. Ok all things “Meghan Markel Duchess of Sussex” and seeing what is she wearing today. This floral green dress, grabs the attention of many on lookers. So I decided that I would re- create the look for you ladies to get you up and out the door with balance, harmony and Urban Style. Green calms you down and shifts...

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                                                                                  Crayola Box Chronicles This Week’s out of the box color is Baby Blue Floral. There is nothing no sexier than seeing a well dress man walking down the street with a confident stride in his step knowing that he is well dressed. So I just had to ask the question, do real men wear florals? With designers creating floral...

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