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 Kickoff  To  Summer 2020 It’s here, finally here; the days of summer have finally made its way.  Now that MY new normal life continues to take shape, I’m looking forward to the longer days, fresh cut grass, pools and fountains dancing its beautiful water displays. I am so ready to head to the park. The changes of social distancing have had an impact on how we have taken the most simply pleasure for granted. Now, our summer enjoyment have precautions and distance measures. We will make it through my friends, one precautionary step at a time. Moving on to good...

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                                                            Crayola Box Chronicles Over the last several months, we have talked about all things COLOR. Today, I decided to skip the color wheel and talk about holiday fashions of all colors. This is the most wonderful time of the year. (ok I won’t start singing) Going to parties and celebrating with love ones, it doesen’t get any better than that. Right. So this week, I want to see if my...

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Crayola Box Chronicles – wk 9 This week’s out of the box color is Red. The most powerful color in the crayon box is red. Red is a bold energetic color that is associated with the meaning of love, passion, strength, leadership, and determination. It is always said, that if you want to make an impression wear red and command the confidence and action without saying a word. This bold color is not for the faint of heart. If you are on the fence whether you should incorporate a little red in your life, the answer is yes. Take a...

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     Crayola Box Chronicles wk-8    This week out of the box color is black. This is the unanimous go to color is this weeks can’t live without, safety net color. Black is a visually slimming color for clothing and like other dark colors, appears to shrink you in size. Our go to when all else fails the one color no matter what is always there and never lets you down. I like many have that little black dress on standby, just in case. When you’re going out with friends or an event, or how about that first date,...

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Crayola Box Chronicles – wk 7 This week’s out of the box color is Pink Pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and the romantic. I have always loved the color of pink for most of those reasons. Almost any woman you talk to says “I think of pink as going back to my childhood”. The pink dresses that mom bought, the mountain of pink hair bows that stood out on my head. The soft pink room I couldn’t wait to enjoy with friends. It puts a smile on your face as...

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