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 Kickoff  To  Summer 2020 It’s here, finally here; the days of summer have finally made its way.  Now that MY new normal life continues to take shape, I’m looking forward to the longer days, fresh cut grass, pools and fountains dancing its beautiful water displays. I am so ready to head to the park. The changes of social distancing have had an impact on how we have taken the most simply pleasure for granted. Now, our summer enjoyment have precautions and distance measures. We will make it through my friends, one precautionary step at a time. Moving on to good...

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Crayola Box Chronicles This week’s out of the box color is Peach. We are finally here, yippee, it’s time to get it started “It’s SUMMER 2019”. I don’t know about you, but this past winter did not want to go away, and the spring’s here in Missouri are only around for 5 minutes before we go straight to summer. This year, I don’t care how hot it gets, I won’t complain.” I Promise”. I have been feeling like the longest running groundhog during this past Missouri winter. Bring it on summer. So, where do I start with Peach? Do you...

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Crayola Box Chronicles This week out of the box color is Everything Spring. Can I just say “I AM SO READY FOR SPRING”? If you feel like most, you are so over winter that I cannot stand it. This winter is relentless, every other week a new round of wintry mix happening outside my door, and as I write this today. More snow. I WANT SPRING NOW. Well, now that I have my weather rant out of the way, how are you my Crayola box friends? I want to help welcome you to spring and all the great things that...

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Crayola Box Chronicles This weeks out of the box color is Wedding Dress White. Yes Yes Yes, what better way to start off the New Year. Girls he put a ring on it. (WOW) Now that you and the fiance has shared the news with friends and family, it's time to start thinking about how you envision this beautiful day. Creating the perfect wedding, starts with a theme. What are you and your partner like; Fun and free spirit on the beach, Classic with the big church or totally unconventional, zip lining to your ceramony. What ever it is, I'm...

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                                                            Crayola Box Chronicles Over the last several months, we have talked about all things COLOR. Today, I decided to skip the color wheel and talk about holiday fashions of all colors. This is the most wonderful time of the year. (ok I won’t start singing) Going to parties and celebrating with love ones, it doesen’t get any better than that. Right. So this week, I want to see if my...

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