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                                                            Crayola Box Chronicles Over the last several months, we have talked about all things COLOR. Today, I decided to skip the color wheel and talk about holiday fashions of all colors. This is the most wonderful time of the year. (ok I won’t start singing) Going to parties and celebrating with love ones, it doesen’t get any better than that. Right. So this week, I want to see if my...

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Crayola Box Chronicles wk- 4 This week’s out of the box color is Green There’s no better color to start your day off with, than the wellbeing color of green. For weeks we have been glued to watching all things Royalty. Ok all things “Meghan Markel Duchess of Sussex” and seeing what is she wearing today. This floral green dress, grabs the attention of many on lookers. So I decided that I would re- create the look for you ladies to get you up and out the door with balance, harmony and Urban Style. Green calms you down and shifts...

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