Spring Please

Crayola Box Chronicles

This week out of the box color is Everything Spring.

Can I just say “I AM SO READY FOR SPRING”? If you feel like most, you are so over winter that I cannot stand it. This winter is relentless, every other week a new round of wintry mix happening outside my door, and as I write this today. More snow. I WANT SPRING NOW.

Well, now that I have my weather rant out of the way, how are you my Crayola box friends? I want to help welcome you to spring and all the great things that come, with the rebirth of pretty colors and slightly warmer temperatures. I have wanted to lock myself away until sun is out and the weather is perfect. Then, I realized that today is a great day to start the preparation and welcome spring to my doorstep. Now, I say this as I look out my window with more snow on the way, and I start daydreaming about what I really want to see, spring flowers.

So I want to talk to you about that spring wardrobe that you can’t wait to start wearing. I love shopping off season, that’s when you get great deals on off season fashions. Then I tuck them away in anticipation for the new season that waits. I have shopped all winter long on new spring fashions I can’t wait to wear. I discovered my 2019 wardrobe in 2018 at a fraction of the retail price. That’s my kind of shopping.



Now, for my friends that like to shop in the that season, let me direct you over to Urban Abstract, we are adding new pieces weekly gearing up for spring and right now, you can take an additional 20% off everything online, including new items just added. Get over your winter

blues, stay home and shop at https://urban.abstract.online. To all my beauties, Happy Spring. :)


I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share my love of creating my designs for you. With an education in Interior Design, 2010 from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Business Management and Marketing, 1988, Professional Business School, I have always wanted to create a business that would be unlike any other business in how the freedom to create would be limitless. Working in design for two of the best metropolitan cities and furniture design showrooms of Chicago and Dallas, gave me great insight and exposure into the culture, fashion and design. I valued the opportunities and learning experiences, which has afforded me the opportunity to love, study, and work in a career that’s exciting and meaningful. I enjoy the opportunity to be a part of creating designs that will be memorable in the hearts, who seek my service for years to come. Sincerely, Velva

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