Red Alert

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Red Alert

Crayola Box Chronicles – wk 9

This week’s out of the box color is Red.

The most powerful color in the crayon box is red.

Red is a bold energetic color that is associated with the meaning of love, passion, strength, leadership, and determination. It is always said, that if you want to make an impression wear red and command the confidence and action without saying a word.

This bold color is not for the faint of heart. If you are on the fence whether you should incorporate a little red in your life, the answer is yes. Take a walk with me, I’m sure by the end of this blog you will feel empowered to take action and bring more energetic pulses into your life.





I like to look at red as the color of endurance, a lasting footprint on those I come in contact with. I see life as exciting and taking charge of any situation, like that new relationship or new job. Command what you want.  Red links us physically, emotionally, and financially without the need of self – preservation.

Now enough of that, this color is waiting for you to unleash the inner you that you know you can be. Get ready, set, go Red Alert. Stop by Urban Abstract and add red to your life today. Until we chat next week.:)


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