Pretty in Pink

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Pretty in Pink

Crayola Box Chronicles – wk 7

This week’s out of the box color is Pink

Pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and the romantic. I have always loved the color of pink for most of those reasons.

Almost any woman you talk to says “I think of pink as going back to my childhood”. The pink dresses that mom bought, the mountain of pink hair bows that stood out on my head. The soft pink room I couldn’t wait to enjoy with friends. It puts a smile on your face as you flood your memory bank with this color.

Now fast forward from that little girl to that all grown up woman, how does pink move you now? Do you still have a smile on your face when you wear this color? Do you think that sweet has turned to sexy when you have this color on? Or do you just love pink no matter how old you are?




Try uplifting your mood today, reach in your closet and put on that pink blouse, pants or slip on that pink dress and feel positively wonderful. And as always my beauties stop by Urban Abstract and shop your softer side of you. Pink. See you next week. :)




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