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Ivory Dreams

Crayola Box Chronicles – wk 13

This week’s out of the box color is Ivory.

My favorite color out of the Crayola box is Ivory. I love this color in the fall.  I love this clean neutral color that softens your complexion with a slight warmer hue. For me I have always felt elegant when I wear ivory, even if it’s an ivory blouse. I feel like I attract more attention when I wear this color.

Throughout the fall/winter season, I have to have ivory on at least twice a week. It lifts my spirits and makes me feel good. When I’m attending an event or just going out for the evening I love ivory. It gives you a beautiful candle glow. I wanted to give this week the just deserved recognition color of ivory.

 Ok, I have to share; one Christmas I wanted it to snow so badly to give me that winter wonderland effect. I went out and bought a full length winter white coat. I wanted to be a snow bunny, ha –ha. Well that year no snow.  However, that February it snowed like crazy. Thank you Mother Nature.




Just yesterday, I put on my ivory turtle neck and jeans with my ivory leather jacket and I know that I was looking great. I felt great and was able to have that pretty girl day I deserved.

So, I have to ask the question; where are your ivory pieces? Pull that color out and rock it. Well I hope this will tie you over until next week my beauties. Chat with you next week. :)

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