Hot White

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Hot White

                                        Crayola Box Chronicles wk-5

                                                     HOT WHITE

                              This week’s out of the box color is White.

Summer is in full effect now, with days reaching temperatures in the high 90’s.  Whew, that’s enough to make you stay indoors and keep cool right. So how do you look chic and stay cool? Well, with the color white of course.  White is lightweight and refreshing to wear, without weighing you down and making you feel hot and sticky. White is one of my favorite colors. It’s illuminating and goes with ANY color in the Crayola Box. So if you want to have a glow around your face, white is your color.


So, now that our hot white is cooling you down, what inspirational ways can you rock out white in your wardrobe? As always, Urban Abstract is here to help. Check out more hot white items on see you next week my beauties :)

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