Holiday Ready

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Holiday Ready

                                                            Crayola Box Chronicles

Over the last several months, we have talked about all things COLOR. Today, I decided to skip the color wheel and talk about holiday fashions of all colors. This is the most wonderful time of the year. (ok I won’t start singing) Going to parties and celebrating with love ones, it doesen’t get any better than that. Right.

So this week, I want to see if my beauties are ready to dress up holiday 2018 style. If you have not thought about what georgous outfit to wear, I’m here to the rescue. I just thought this was a good time to post my shamless plug in for Urban Abstract. 🙂  If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, you must must must take a look at this beautiful new collection of evening wear that just hit the website. I am so proud of this 2018 collection.



Now that I have you looking georgous my beauties, you are going to light up the night sky in these chic styles. Now the bigger problem, what style do I select? Here’s what I’ve been doing lately to get out of my comfort zone, I will buy something totally opposite of my personality. I’m very conserative and the thought of having ANY skin showing is not me at all. Why did I go out and buy a plunging V Neck black velvet gown? What was I thinking? So after 10 minutes of second guessing myself, I said ” I’m going to get my sexy on”. I don’t care if this is something I would’nt ordinary do, right. The point is that I’m confident enough to try something different.

Well, I hope that I have inspired you to get your sexy on this season. If you are still unsure, stop by Urban Abstract and buy a little confidence. Until next time, have fun shopping. 🙂


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