Gray Matter

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Gray Matter

 Crayola Box Chronicles- wk 6

This week’s out of the box color is Gray.

Gray has become one of the most universal colors in the Crayola box, next to of course, the reigning color of black. This neutralizing blend of black and ivory gives a lighter play of color, which has become the next best option when substituting for a darker alternative.

Ten years of seeing this color evolve in the market is now a standard. Gray continues to command it presence of a calming understated elegance. This week I went back and forth thinking, should I talk about fashion or interiors. Well, I decided to talk about them both. The new neutral we can’t get enough of.

When I think about gray in interiors, I love the sleek look gray gives without overpowering and yet there are endless color combinations that enhances gray. This is a sought out beloved color for home interiors.

Gray in fashion for me has become my go to color instead of black. Now I understand that nothing beats wearing the little black dress. When all else fails, that’s the first thing most of us reach for. We are creatures of habit; we know what works and sometimes shy away from anything different. I find that the right shade of gray will give you that same slender sleek look and gives your wardrobe a break away from the old standby.

I would like to take this time and challenge you to look at home interiors and the wardrobe. See how many ways gray is welcome color. and https://vmc-creative-designs.myshopify can help you navigate through the gray waters. See you next week :)


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