Do real MEN wear florals?

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Do real MEN wear florals?



Crayola Box Chronicles

This Week’s out of the box color is Baby Blue Floral.

There is nothing no sexier than seeing a well dress man walking down the street with a confident stride in his step knowing that he is well dressed. So I just had to ask the question, do real men wear florals? With designers creating floral fashions for men, why aren’t more men wearing them.

One BIG guess is, there is a stigma that floral ensembles are for women not men. This is absolutely WRONG.

Well I was up for the challenge, seeing that I love florals. I searched retailers that sell men’s floral clothing, and here’s what I found:, ok by the name I know what you’re thinking; I’m going to find outrageous clothing right. I was presently surprise when I check out this cool website and found this outfit: MSGM FLORAL DESIGNER SUIT $1546.00

My second journey took to me to my favorite store Nordstrom and found this outfit: Classic Fit Floral Print Suit Jacket $260.00

My final Journey took me to Macys, where everyone shops of course and found this outfit: Tallia Orange Men’s Modern Fit Black/Navy Floral Print Suit $600.00

SO, society has finally accepted seeing men in pink and wearing man bags, here’s my challenge for the week; men introduce a floral item into your wardrobe. Try a shirt or tie to test the waters, and build from there. Ladies, it’s time to put your red super girl cape on and help that fellow in need. to the rescue.

Let’s get real men feeling confident about wearing florals. See you next week :)



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