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Dim Sum: YUM!

Dim Sum: YUM!

I get these intense cravings for dim sum every once in a while, and it’s all I can think about.

I even dream about it sometimes. Mmm… Those little soup dumplings that squirt into your mouth when you bite into them. MAN! They’re SO GOOD.

I’m not gonna do it justice, but what is dim sum? It’s like Chinese-style tapas with small appetizer plates. At most places, servers push carts around the tables with different dishes displayed on them, and you pick and choose which ones you want.


There are bite-sized doughy dumplings with meat or seafood mixed with a few veggies like cabbage or carrots inside them, and various steamed, fried or baked buns stuffed with BBQ, pickled or steamed meat or veggies.

It’s great because you can try a bunch of different things, and if you go with a group and everyone shares, it’s even better.

That’s what we did for Mother’s Day. We drove out to the East Bay and had a fun, delicious meal at BK’s Bistro in Fremont.

Highly recommended if you’re ever out that way. It’s not super fancy, but it’s not super expensive either, and the food is fresh, interesting, and they get it to your table fast.

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