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What Sorcery Made This Snow Melting Concrete? [Video]

This snow melting concrete is wow worthy.

This is a short video, but it’s too cool and the product is too useful to not show.

The video shows the wonder that is electric concrete. That’s right, this concrete can melt snow. How? Here are the details:

“This gift from the heavens is the brainchild of Chris Tuan, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln,” Grist reports. “It’s mostly just regular concrete, but Tuan and his colleagues added steel shavings and a carbon byproduct of coal mining to the mixture in order to make it conduct electricity. Then, using about 13 watts of energy per square foot, they were able to heat the concrete to a relatively cold — but warm enough to melt snow — temperature of about 40 degrees F, Tuan told National Geographic.”

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