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Tips to Mix and Match Your Thanksgiving Table With Easy Style

Thanksgiving Table

Learn to embrace the mix and match style for your Thanksgiving table.

In our household, our Thanksgiving table setting tends to be more on the eclectic side of things and includes a lot of mix and match (or a mishmash, depending on your point of view) of dinnerware, utensils, decorations, napkins and the like. That’s more out of of necessity rather than invention, if I’m being honest, but we do also appreciate a Thanksgiving table that’s not so “matchy-matchy”.

Our family, and the way we choose to eat our meals together doesn’t really call for having a super elegant table. We like things a little more rustic, practical and comfortable. Our Thanksgiving table is one that is lingered over–sometimes from the lunchtime meal until dinnertime turkey sandwiches–and that means we place an emphasis on enjoying good food and each other’s company.

The reality that you don’t have a large enough dinnerware set or enough red wine glasses for all the invited guests should not keep you from entertaining or from enjoying the feast. Instead, artfully mix and match your table for a creative Thanksgiving table that will make it appear effortless and like you planned for the effect.

5 Tips to Mix and Match Your Thanksgiving Table

  1. Avoid Symmetry – Symmetry can make it more apparent when your table setting and decorations aren’t even in number or if something is missing or different.
  2. Patterns Can Be Good – If you don’t have enough matching plates, mix two sets together and alternate the sets or all guests on one side of the table the same plates.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Rules – Not everyone has to have a stemmed wine glass. Alternate stemmed glasses with stemless to stretch your glassware.
  4. Have Fun – Really invest yourself in mixing and matching. Make it the motif of your Thanksgiving table. Visit thrift stores to stock up on entirely different dish patterns and/or invest in cloth napkins in different autumnal colors and hues.
  5. Great Centerpieces and Table Decor – Get creative with your Thanksgiving table centerpieces and table decorations. Adding handmade touches to your table can bring the whole look of mixing and matching together.

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