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These Tips for Online Privacy are a Must-Read

You must read this book about online privacy.

We go online every day and most of us carry at least one device that connects us with our bank accounts, work emails, and social media accounts within seconds. Since going online has become so normal, it’s easy to forget how dangerous the Internet can be.

That’s why we’re happy that Bitch Magazine recently interviewed Violet Blue, a journalist, and the author of “The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy.” To help make the book practical (not everyone is an Internet wizard), Blue consulted attorneys, psychologists, and tech employees to glean easy-to-digest information that doesn’t require too much background knowledge, Bitch reports.

Now, you may be thinking that since you grew up using the Internet you have no use for this book… not so. Bitch reports that while you may already know about a lot of the book’s tips, there are some bits of information you may have had no idea were accessible to the public (we’re talking stuff like your home address… yikes).

In the Bitch article, Blue expresses that Internet privacy is a self-defense move. She equates Internet safety with real life safety, and it makes sense:

“It’s the same sort of protection that you would take when you go outside. People just don’t think of going on the Internet in the same way. Would you trust a man on the street? Would you trust a person who has a clipboard and is asking you for your phone number and address to sign you up for some interesting offers? You wouldn’t say yes to anything like that because it’s a privacy risk. You’d think, “Who is this person?” But on the Internet, we’ve been lulled into a false sense of security—a lot having to do with social networking sites—that giving up our privacy, identity, and information is a necessary exchange in order to enjoy these services,” Blue explains.

Blue also states that online privacy is a gendered issue. “I think the biggest thing that’s missing in today’s privacy conversation is the role of gender.” She goes on to say that “straight men perceive privacy completely differently from everyone else,” which is unfortunate, because they are the ones who “shape, develop, and implement” the technologies we all use.

I, for one, will be adding this book to my to-buy list because I think about Internet safety a lot. I need to defend myself as much as possible because I spend a ton of time working and playing online.

Do you want to read this book? (If so, get the info on where to find it here.) Are there any aspects of Internet privacy that really creep you out?

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