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The Only Infographic You’ll Ever Need for Vegetarian Travel

The Only Infographic You'll Ever Need for Vegetarian Travel

When you travel as a vegetarian, do you ever have a hard time finding something to eat? Vegetarianism might be common in some countries but that’s definitely not the case everywhere, which means that eating out as a vegetarian can be tough. That’s why Get Your Guide has released a helpful infographic to make vegetarian travel easy and stress-free.

Enrique Nuñez Velazco was happy to explain some of the impetus behind creating this infographic for vegetarian travel with EcoSalon.

Make Vegetarian Travel a No-Brainer

Traveling abroad means that you’re constantly encountering new things, no matter where you are. While this constant novelty can be fun and adventurous, it can also be stressful, especially when you’re having a hard time feeding yourself.

The people behind the vegetarian travel infographic used statistics as well as personal experience to create a guide that would make travel easier for vegetarians, from including translations for how to say “I’m a vegetarian,” in a wide variety of languages to indicating places where it might be tougher to find a meatless meal.

“Many countries are not particularly vegetarian friendly, meaning the meatless options are not particularly tasty or even nutritional!” says Velazco. “Of all the places I’ve been I had the most trouble in Morocco and Tunisia. I don’t know if it’s because I always ended up in tourist traps but it was extremely difficult to find anything vegetarian that wasn’t pizza! All the local dishes I saw had some kind of meat.”

It’s also important to note that even the concept of vegetarianism can be foreign in other countries, which means that it can be tough to get servers to understand what you mean.

“Parts of Latin America can be notoriously difficult, especially outside cities,” says Velazco. “Sometimes waiters or cooks think that being vegetarian just means that I REALLY love vegetables – not that I don’t eat meat. So they might still bring me a steak but with extra lettuce on the side!”

In other places, people might assume that being a vegetarian means that you don’t eat pork or don’t eat red meat but still eat poultry or fish. The infographic helps you to be as clear as possible with your dietary choices, showing you how to explain that you don’t eat meat, poultry or fish.

Help Vegetarian Travelers Find Enjoyable Places to Visit

Another reason that the company decided to create this guide was to make it easier for vegetarians to find places where it wouldn’t just be easy but enjoyable to sample local food. That’s why it features a list of some of the top vegetarian restaurants in the world, as well as some of the most delicious veggie dishes to try while you travel.

Readers will notice that the infographic has a decidedly western slant; this was a choice Velazco says was made to take into consideration the most popular destinations for international tourists.

“The cities we recommended for vegetarians to visit all have a thriving vegetarian subculture and an incredible variety of options that keep expanding and improving,” he says. “I currently live in Berlin and I can truly say that the vegetarian options here are second to none. That’s not to be confused with the rest of Germany however, Berlin seems to be a separate country when it comes to food!”

The Only Infographic You'll Ever Need for Vegetarian Travel

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