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One thing is for sure. Antidepressants abound these days. Seems doctors are prescribing them for everything from hormonal imbalance to headaches. But many people today are looking to herbal solutions as mood boosters and stress reducers. Adaptogens are herbal compounds taken to modulate stress. Not well known in the U.S. just yet, but adaptogens have…

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It’s tempting to want to control every aspect of your life sometimes. And while planning and being thoughtful of the steps you take are certainly tips for success, it also sometimes closes you off to your potential. It’s about taking one focused step forward everyday but at the same time, being aware of what’s going…

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Has your mind seemed as cloudy as those winter skies lately? Comes with the territory. Learn how to clear up brain fog and bring back some shiny thinking. Mental fatigue, brain drain, fuzzy head, cloudy thinking. Sound familiar? You don’t have to live with brain fog. There are simple and effective ways to clear the…

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