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iStock/chikaphotograph Don’t get it twisted, tea towels are the handiest kitchen must have around. Tea towels are one of those ubiquitous must-haves in the kitchen that most of us probably don’t think about until we need one, but tea towels are the workhorses of the kitchen. Not only can they be used to dry dishes,…

The post Tea Towels: the Un-Paper Towel Workhorse of the Kitchen appeared first on EcoSalon.

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iStock/ollinka Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to to be a corporate holiday. Give your Valentine the gift of homemade this year and leave the mass-consumerism out of it. While advertisers might have you believe that Valentine’s Day is all about commercialism, showing your love on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a thing. With a little…

The post 7 Ways to Show Your Valentine You Care Without Buying a Thing appeared first on EcoSalon.

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Although this place may be too small for you, this small space could inspire you to think minimal and downsize in other ways. Talk about mindful living… Related on EcoSalon Minimalist Living: Our Problematic Obsession with Small Spaces 7 Clever Space Saving Ideas: Big Dreams, Small Spaces 11 Genius Studio Apartment Ideas to Live Large…

The post A Super Small Home Inspires Mindful Living appeared first on EcoSalon.

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iStock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz Life is too short and we spend too much time at work to have a boring desk. Deskorate your workspace with these fun office decor finds. While other countries have seemed to master the 30-hour work week, the 40-hour work week (or more) is still the norm in the United States. Whether you have…

The post 10 Fun Office Decor Finds for ‘Desk-Orating’ Like a Pro appeared first on EcoSalon.

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  iStock/scovad Whether your decorating style could be described as classic, cottage, eclectic, modern, or what have you, decorating with stripes fits all tastes. Many think of decorating with stripes as only appropriate for homes that could be called classic, or preppy, but that’s much too limiting for all the possibilities with this pattern. Decorating…

The post How to Decorate With Stripes for Any Style appeared first on EcoSalon.

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