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iStock/rohappy We believe in treating yourself, even more so if the last few weeks have been especially stressful. That, and sometimes we get what we want, but little of what we actually need. Fortunately, your best interest is at the forethought, and our eye is on the new year ahead, a theme we adhered to…

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Do you constantly worry about what people think? Do you leave parties or other social gatherings wondering if you said anything offensive or if those around you enjoyed your company? Do you feel defensive if someone criticizes you? These are all qualities of an approval addict. Now, how would it feel if you just stopped…

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When it comes to self love, some of us have a better handle on it than others because those lucky souls have learned to accept themselves for who they really are. And it’s a lesson that we could all benefit from. We all have those times when we feel like we’re not good enough–not smart…

The post Self Love 101: How to Stop Shaming Yourself appeared first on EcoSalon.

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