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  iStock/viewapart A slew of recent articles and statistics are telling a story that LGBTQ people already know: America is dangerous for the LGBTQ population. Hate is on the rise Recently, Think Progress reported that 2017 was the deadliest year for the transgender community in a decade. Then, GLADD revealed that its Accelerating Acceptance Report…

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  iStock/nd3000 Our suspicions were real: Many men truly don’t understand what constitutes as consent. Sexual interest isn’t consent A study from Binghamton University and Rush University found that a majority of men confuse sexual interest with consent. The faculty-led study surveyed 145 straight male students at a large, Southeastern university. The researchers had the…

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iStock/mixetto Unfortunately, fake news was the “news” of 2017. Fake news was everywhere. It was on Facebook feeds and shared via emailed links. It also was the topic of conversation in newspapers and on nightly newscasts. Kids and fake news Fake news has become so prevalent in today’s society that some government officials think students…

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  iStock/PeopleImages Technology has brought porn from the pages of magazines to the internet and virtual reality headsets. And although most porn consumers would most likely say that the expansion of porn is positive, some new services are further blurring the line between sex, porn, and consent. Porn and consent A recent Motherboard piece reports…

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  iStock/tashidelek 2017 was full of moments that caught the people of the world’s attention. Multiple political and social campaigns gained followers and momentum. So, in 2018, we’d like to see the following causes and movements that started in 2017 become more successful. 1. The continuation of #MeToo and justice for women Tarana Burke created…

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