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iStock/bogdankosanovic This week’s edit features five handpicked pieces of gear that are perfect for working out…or doing whatever the heck you feel like at the moment. Not only do each of these items stand on their own, but you could also mix and match every one of these garments and accessories together, creating several beautiful…

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Image via Stella McCartney Facebook page Although winter is still very much upon us, it’s hard to not let one’s mind daydream about the floral scents and warmer days spring brings. One way to help trick the mind into “thinking” warm is by indulging in a few spring fragrances. One fragrance is Stella McCartney’s Stella…

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This makeup tutorial will allow you to go from work to your Valentine’s Day date. Related on EcoSalon  The Greatest Valentine’s Day Gift: Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Truffles 10 Valentine’s Day Beauty Goodies That Are (Almost) Better Than Chocolate 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For You, From You

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iStock/SrdjanPav Show your love for the wild, wild west with a retro, bohemian, layered, modern-day cowgirl take on Southwestern fashion. While it might be tempting to go country from head to toe, we suggest striking a balance by incorporating two to three pieces at a time. Whether it’s a pair of boots and an ornate…

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iStock/RidoFranz We tend to put a lot of pressure on our partners on Valentine’s Day, but it can be just as enjoyable – if not more so – to treat yourself to a gift instead. Here are just a handful of gift ideas that we’ve assembled to make you feel a little bit spoiled, whether you’re…

The post 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For You, From You appeared first on EcoSalon.

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