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iStock/izusek Women have always worn undergarments to please “polite” society. Girdles. Pantyhose. Corsets. Bras. All of the above are restricting garments that women have worn through history. Marketing campaigns often tell women that to “look good” they should wrap everything up. Society has only reinforced this silly standard. “People who insist on conformity in women’s underwear are simply bullying…

The post Why the Hell are People Still Hung Up on Braless Boobs?: #NowWhat appeared first on EcoSalon.

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iStock/metaphortography This year, I starting going braless. I harness up only when completely necessary, but most days, my boobs are free to bounce, shake, and jiggle freely. I can’t imagine ever going back to daily bra wearing. Here’s why I gave up wearing bras and how I’ve learned to compromise over time. I vividly remember…

The post I Went Braless and Here’s What Happened (Hint: My Boobs Haven’t Begun to Sag) appeared first on EcoSalon.

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Laci Green is best known as the spunky, witty and smart YouTube sex activist who makes videos about sexuality. Her Tumblr is filled with feminist-friendly content and news. Green is bright and tackles all those ooky (also known as hard to digest) issues with ease and enthusiasm. Recently, Green announced that she would be working…

The post Laci Green Goes ‘Braless’ in MTV’s New Web Series About Feminism appeared first on EcoSalon.

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