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There’s a new beauty trend making the rounds at hair salons and we think it’s pretty gross. Women are turning to botox to help their hair blowouts last longer. The new trend is appropriately called the “Blowtox.” “How does one get a Blowtox?” you may find yourself thinking… Let us tell you all the disturbing…

The post Um, People are Prolonging Hair Blowouts by Shooting Botox into Their Heads appeared first on EcoSalon.

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Do you feel in constant battle with acne or wrinkles? Always working to diminish their appearance or prevent them from recurring? You may be missing the message. Face mapping can tell you a lot about your inner health. We sometimes forget that skin is more than just a pretty cover that we try to keep…

The post Face Mapping: What Your Acne and Wrinkles are Telling You appeared first on EcoSalon.

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Be forewarned: There may be dragon’s blood in your skincare. No, this is not a “Game of Thrones” Season 5 premiere week marketing ploy. Dragon’s blood is an actual skincare ingredient. We love our anti-aging skincare. Nearly every beauty brand these days includes an anti-aging product or two. Seems we are willing to slather on…

The post Dragon’s Blood: New Miracle Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredient or Spoils of Dragon Slaying? appeared first on EcoSalon.

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The injectable is widely used but certainly not for everyone. Is a topical Botox the next big thing? And would you try it? With the shift to natural ingredients in skincare on the rise, Botox may seem like a clean beauty villain. But once those deeper lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin make their appearance with…

The post Is Topical Botox On the Way? appeared first on EcoSalon.

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