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iStock/BraunS Whether you listen in the car, at the gym, while cleaning the house, or at the beach, audiobooks are an awesome way to pass the time. We would all love to have the time to read every book on our must-read list, but listening to audiobooks is a much more realistic way to enjoy…

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istock/Choreograph A bisexual author wrote the famous children’s book “Goodnight Moon” and her story is pretty timely. Yes, it’s true. “Goodnight Moon” author Margaret Wise Brown was queer. And Blanche Oelrichs, a writer and playwright who wrote with the pen name Michael Strange, and was also Brown’s on-again-off-again partner, inspired Brown to write the story.…

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People who have never read a romance book tend to roll their eyes at the genre. But this thriving book industry is full of authors who are smart and incredibly accomplished. The video below is the trailer for a new documentary about romance writers. Get a preview of “Love Between the Covers” below. Love Between…

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