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iStock/izusek Women have always worn undergarments to please “polite” society. Girdles. Pantyhose. Corsets. Bras. All of the above are restricting garments that women have worn through history. Marketing campaigns often tell women that to “look good” they should wrap everything up. Society has only reinforced this silly standard. “People who insist on conformity in women’s underwear are simply bullying…

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As a kid, I watched a lot of those PBS National Geographic type shows that visited Indigenous cultures around the world. And I always got knots in my stomach when the camera panned over topless women with elongated sagging breasts. It wasn’t the esthetics of it—I was too young to understand the sex appeal of…

The post Can We Please Stop Talking About How to ‘Fix’ Sagging Breasts? appeared first on EcoSalon.

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