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istock/mediaphotos Art is… Complicated. It can evoke emotion, anger, and laughter. But when an art piece is called controversial, especially by lawmakers or a political party, it becomes newsworthy. The pigs are coming David Pulphus’ Untitled #1 is under fire. Pulphus, a Missouri high school student, created art that depicts police officers as animals. The art…

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Fashion can be beautiful, inspiring, moving. But now, thanks to Erykah Badu and Kerby Jean-Raymond, it’s also empowering and educational. Badu, singer and all-around creative, and Jean-Raymond, the brains behind high-end fashion label Pyer Moss, partnered to create a clothing line dedicated to spreading mental health awareness. DOUBLE BIND Badu was drawn to Jean-Raymond’s creative direction…

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“Love Actually” begins with a cheesy voiceover narrated by Hugh Grant. Grant says, with strained sincerity, that “love, actually, is all around.” Well, you know what, actually, is all around these days? Racism, stupidity, and bigotry. Sorry to be such a killjoy, but the last six months have really brought me down… Why am I…

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