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iStock/Dmitri_Chulov Algae’s worth goes way beyond being a source of food-grade protein – it shows some pretty legit game-changing potential as an eco-friendly source of fuel, plastic, wastewater, and heat. Microalgae, which are comprised of microscopic, single-celled organisms that turn sunlight into energy (photosynthesis) and carbon dioxide into oxygen, are the fastest-growing plants on earth…

The post Is Algae the Eco Fuel We’ve Been Waiting For? appeared first on EcoSalon.

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If you had to guess what plant (other than corn or sugar) could power cars with a clean fuel source, what would you guess? I’ll save you some pondering time and come out and say it: it’s the cactus. Yes, those prickly plants could become the world’s next powerhouse biofuel. According to Grist, this is welcome…

The post Hug a Cactus? Yep, They Could Soon Provide Clean Fuel for Your Car appeared first on EcoSalon.

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United Airlines invests big time to turn food waste into renewable jet fuel.  United Airlines is about to be the first American-based airline to use renewable jet fuel made from food scraps. The company has enlisted Fulcrum BioEnergy to turn household waste like food scraps, farm waste, and animal fat into biofuel. Their $30 million investment…

The post United Airlines To Use Food Scraps For Renewable Jet Fuel appeared first on EcoSalon.

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For Maryland environmentalists, cleaning up the iconic Chesapeake Bay has long been at the top of the agenda. But when your state’s most viable industry is chicken production, the task becomes that much more difficult. Agricultural runoff makes cleaning up the bay seem insurmountable. That’s why the state is always looking for a place to…

The post Cleaning Up the Chesapeake Bay by Turning Chicken Poop Into Biofuel appeared first on EcoSalon.

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