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istock/Luka Lajst John Waters is hosting an adult summer camp. Yes. The John Waters. The king of sleaze, sultan of fun—we could go on… And we have to admit: We’re all a little bummed we can’t go. Although the opportunity to attend Waters’ adult summer camp is out of most of our reach, we’ve dreamt up…

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Bernie Sanders is a true, class act. On Tuesday night, Sanders made it official that Hillary Clinton was the democratic party’s nominee for the president of the United States. Sanders knew how important the occasion was, too. After all, this is the first time a woman has achieved the nomination from a major party for…

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Man, oh, man. Or should I say, woman, oh, woman. So far, the DNC has had quite a few memorable moments. One of those moments was Sarah Silverman’s speech. While Silverman is a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, she gets that electing Trump isn’t an option. Listen to her comments below. Related on EcoSalon Dealing With…

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Did you know that someone beside Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump is running for president? Samantha Bee interviewed Gary Johnson, the other guy, this week on “Full Frontal.” They had quite the talk… Related on EcoSalon Samantha Bee Has an Earful for the Evangelical Movement [Video] Donald Trump’s Speech to Coal Miners is…

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Well, Saturday Night Live has done it again. And by it, we mean they totally nailed exactly what Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are thinking. Watch the clip below to see what we mean. Related on EcoSalon Behold: Donald Trump Supporters in all Their Glory [Video] Elizabeth Warren: Politician, Smart Person, and VERY Enthusiastic [Video]…

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