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iStock/StephanieFrey Praise the paleo gods for this red velvet cupcake recipe, which takes the grain, gluten, refined sugar, and low-quality oil out of the mix while keeping the cupcakes moist, fluffy texture and delicious in taste. You can enjoy more of what you like – sweet anything – without the intense sugar rush or pounds-packing…

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iStock/Sarsmis This beetroot and barley burger recipe is a sight for sore eyes and a delicious version of plant-based alternatives to a fast-food classic. The color is vibrant, the texture meaty, and the taste indulgent. This vegan burger uses the bulk of barley to give the patties shape. The beetroot adds a tender consistency, while…

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Indulge in root vegetables with this vegan beet and turnip gratin recipe. Beetroot and turnips deserve more credit than they often get. Tough when raw, but once cooked, each offer tender, and comforting textures reminiscent of the white potato. Meanwhile, their natural sugars emerge and provide an overtone of sweetness that delights the senses, even when…

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Be prepared for a pair of beautifully stained magenta lips after eating this! This Russian-inspired ice pop recipe is also full of health benefits. It’s easiest to use fresh store-bought beet juice but you can make your own, of course. If you do, be sure to keep the skins on when you run them through the juicer,…

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This spicy stew recipe is packed with protein from black beans and amaranth grain. Red peppers, beets and cilantro add color and flavor.  This special grain (technically a seed) was famously cultivated by the Aztecs and the nutritional benefits of amaranth are outstanding. Similar to quinoa, these tiny beads of protein fluff up when simmered in…

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