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If you’re a moon-worshiping goddess, you’re most likely on the lookout for beauty essentials that reflect your luminous inner beauty. Well, we’ve rounded up five amazing beauty products that all moon lovers will adore. 1. Urban Decay Moondust Eye Shadow Sure, you may not be able to go to the moon, but with a swipe…

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There are many paths you can take to honing in on your ideal beauty products. Choosing for your skin tone and eye color is important. Whether skin is oily, dry, or normal is another important factor. But have you ever considered your astrological sign? Wait, what? You read it right. Beauty products perfectly suited to…

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There are plenty of binge-worthy bits of entertainment on Netflix right now — I’m currently crushing on “Jessica Jones” and revisiting “Twin Peaks.” But if you’re similar to me, you may feel like you should be doing something else while you’re taking in all that entertainment. Well, I’ve discovered the perfect thing to do while…

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Beauty trends every ’90s beauty junkie had in her Caboodles. The ’90s were a magical time filled with sparkle—literally, since we never left home without our body glitter. Here, 11 beauty trends of yesteryear that turned us into the professional makeup junkies we are today (cue Spice Girls): 1. Love’s Baby Soft Perfume Guaranteed, there’s…

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