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Shouldn’t ‘Hello Barbie’ really be named ‘Backstabbing Barbie’? Barbie has gotten a lot of flak over the years. From her body shape to her career choices to her taste in men, she’s more controversial than most celebrities—and there’s way more to come. Mattel, along with San Francisco startup ToyTalk, is set to release ‘Hello Barbie’…

The post Talking ‘Hello Barbie’ Doll Is Basically the Stuff of Nightmares appeared first on EcoSalon.

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Barbie may not be the most feminist-friendly toy of modern day, but she sure has come a long way from when she first stepped onto the toy scene. Sure, her looks are still unattainable, but at least the food restriction Barbie accessories are now off the market. In 1963, Mattel, Barbie’s maker, released Barbie accessories…

The post Unfeminist Barbie: From Food Restriction to Female Incompetence appeared first on EcoSalon.

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