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Apple has learned how to salvage all the expensive, reusable parts from your old iPhone. And its “harvesting” technique — excuse us, buddy — is pretty cool. Liam is a robot created to disassemble an iPhone after it doesn’t work anymore. Watch this short video about Liam and the work the robot does below. Related…

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I don’t hate Taylor Swift. As far as her music goes, I can’t say it’s moved me really. Although, I have shaken it off on a few occasions. As a forty-something working mom, pop music is not a priority (unless it’s a duet with Elmo), and truthfully, it just isn’t all that relatable anymore. We…

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Apple partners with The Conservation Fund to protect our nation’s forests. The U.S. has more than 420 million acres of working forests and more than 45 million of those acres are at risk of development. Working forests are huge swaths of privately held forests that are often managed for forest products like pulp and timber.…

The post Apple Partners With The Conservation Fund to Buy a Forest the Size of San Francisco appeared first on EcoSalon.

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