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iStock/jcarillet Abortion access in America is always under attack. Expanding abortion access In the past year, pro-choice activists have had to do a lot of work to make certain that women’s health remains on the front burner in American politicians’ minds. Although abortion is still legal in America, more states are adding restrictions that make…

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ColumnThe Supreme Court did something great on Monday. By voting 5-3, SCOTUS’s abortion ruling put an end to states passing “clinic shutdown” laws. While these laws don’t make abortion illegal, they severely limit access to abortion facilities. Perhaps you remember when Texas first passed its abortion access law. The law was supposedly written to protect…

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The first 20 seconds of this bit is the best. John Oliver has all the facts and funnies about how hard it is to get an abortion in some states. Watch the awesome video below. Related on EcoSalon Best Valentine’s Day Activity? Watching John Oliver’s Return [Video] Trevor Noah is Now ‘The Daily Show’ Host…

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We already thought Bill Nye was a cool guy. But after watching the following video, we think he’s pretty much the best guy ever. In the video below, Bill Nye says some amazing things about a woman’s right to have an abortion. Related on EcoSalon Bill Nye Wants You to Know That the Universe is…

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Another one of Missouri’s politicians is in the news for his incredibly interesting – and insane – views concerning women’s bodies. Jezebel reports that Rick Brattin, Missouri state representative, recently “filed a bill proposing that a woman seeking an abortion be forced to get ‘written, notarized consent’ from the father. Except, he says, in the…

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