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Mood Board 2015: What’s Going to be Hot in the New Year


Mood Board 2015

Don’t look now but 2015 is almost here. Are you ready? We present your 2015 mood board for the new year. Complete with trends in beauty, fashion, food, and wellness.

Must Have Hue // Pantone has announced that Marsala is the hue to have for 2015. A deep, rich mahogany red, this must-have shade is mellow yet adds zesty color. InStyle magazine suggests pairing a Marsala-hued accessory with navy, black or mustard. Yum!

New Beauty // The good news? Super natural looking skin is in. This means taking good care of your skin trumps contouring and heavy makeup. You can go for a truly natch look sans makeup, or try an all nude look using taupes, browns, and pale pinks. For you color-loving gals, don’t fret. A super saturated lip look is hot for next year too. Opt for creamy lip color and pat on with your finger. Love RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek for lips brimming with color. Glamour girls, winged out eyeliner is the go-to in glam for the new year. Go soft with pencil or intense with liquid liner. Here’s your inspo.

Current Coif // Hair for next year – think undone. Even of-the-moment braids are left a bit messy. This means you can put away your blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron. Don’t forgo the regular trip to your stylist though. Going au naturel here means hair still has to be cut to perfection and taken good care of. Use organic products that are free from harmful ingredients and go a day or two between washings to let your body’s own oils do their job. Some high performance organic haircare lines are Acure Organics, Yarok, and Rahua.

Fashion Forward // Fashion seems to have a split personality for next spring with hippie chic and girly girl both hitting the runways. Boho is still hot, with fringe and bell bottoms making an appearance. Rather than wearing together, try a fringe jacket with a dress or bell bottoms with a tailored shirt. If you are more into the feminine look, ruffles and oversized floral prints are on trend, and these can be worn together.

Fitness Fad // Yahoo reports the new trend is…no trend. That’s right, it’s back to basics where exercise is concerned. This means traditional cardio routines and body weight training. You can’t get more back to basics than running. Check out the hottest running shoes for 2015.

Hot Health Food // It is not news that kale and broccoli are healthy foods. But have you tried broccoli sprouts? How about kalettes? Broccoli sprouts hold the same cancer fighting benefits as their cruciferous cousin, but come with an extra enzymatic punch that boosts potency. Add to salad or pair with cooked broccoli. Kalettes are a kale/Brussels sprouts hybrid that deliver the health advantages and flavor of both.

Java Habit // The new year in coffee means darker is better. Push those sugary, flavored coffee drinks aside if you want to go on trend with your joe. Even Dunkin’ Donuts will roll out their new dark roast. Looks like espresso is on the menu too. If you can’t skip the sweetener, try Gloria Estefan’s Cuban Coffee recipe. Delicious!

Cleanse to a Tea // Move over Master Cleanse, there’s a new detox in town. Starvation cleanses are so, well, this year. In the new year, teatoxing is the way to go. A nutritionist friend of mine says living on liquid or very little food is stressful to the body and does not recommend this type of cleansing for anyone. With teatoxing you still get to eat and exercise healthfully, adding in a cup or three of detoxifying tea daily. No low blood sugar, insatiable hunger, diarrhea, tears (just sayin’). Teatoxing is safe, effective, and actually pleasant. Want to give it a try? Skinny Teatox has 7, 14, and 28 day kits. Plus the teas look gorgeous and tasty. Perfect post holidays.

State of Mindfulness // While meditation is at an ever increasing high in terms of popularity, mindfulness is the hot term of the moment. What’s the dif? You don’t have to sit in lotus for several minutes to achieve the peace of mind meditation offers. By being in the moment during your daily tasks you can reap the rewards of awareness. This practice even works with diet. Multitasking is over, mindfulness is the new state of mind.

Have fun creating your own mood board for 2015 with these tips. See you in your Marsala hued fringe jacket in the new year.

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Image: Runners by The Q Speaks at Flickr.com cc, Pantone Marsala by Eric delcroix at Flickr.com cc, messy braid by Maegan Tintari at Flickr.com cc, RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek via SpiritBeautyLounge.com, cubana by Timothy Boyd at Flickr.com cc, Skinny Teatox via skinny-teatox.com, Kjaer Weis eyeshadow via SpiritBeautyLounge.com.


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