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If You Find Yourself Always Waiting, You Need to do These Things Now

Always waiting doesn't always have to be painful.

I am terrible at waiting. And that’s a big problem because as a writer, I’m always waiting. Waiting on assignments, feedback, invoices, and interview subjects. And waiting isn’t just specific to writers — we all have to wait to hear about something or from someone at one time or another.

Since we all have to wait, let’s look at the positive side of that stall period. Because in all truth, waiting shouldn’t be that bad.

1. You’ve just finished an assignment, had a medical test, been on a job interview

This is a relatively short waiting period, but holy hell, it’s probably one of the more stressful ones we face. To get through this period relatively unscathed, turn to meditation, self care, and rest. Taking a break from all the regular stressful things you do (like constantly refreshing your email, checking your phone for missed calls, or WebMDing all your symptoms) and replacing those habits with daily face masks, baths, and naps can help you recharge and prep yourself for whatever result you may get.

2. You are waiting to go to college, start a night class, or go on an important business trip

While the “thing” may be months away, you’re still stressing about it (understandably). Starting a new thing (or getting prepped for an important thing) is pretty stressful. To get through this time calmly, organize, prepare, and take frequent breaks. Make a list of everything you need for that new endeavor, or a checklist about everything you need to know before you leave. After you’ve organized until you can’t organize anymore, chill. Start a garden, or as Rookie suggests, watch a series on Netflix.

3. You just went through a breakup, death, or divorce

Mourn and feel all the feelings, and then heal. Healing means taking care of yourself, focusing on your health, and trying new things. Yeah, you may not feel like getting out in the world, but if you decide to do other stuff rather than stay in bed, you’ll meet new people, learn new things, and generally, feel better. And remember: If you’re always waiting to feel good again, you may miss out on a lot of living.

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