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Hey, Sci-Fi Fans: ‘The X-Files’ is Possibly Coming Back

"The X-Files" may be coming back to television.

I think 2014 and 2015 will forever be known as the years cult television lovers felt total bliss. In late 2014, “Twin Peaks” creators announced that the show would go on. And now, in early 2015, Fox has confirmed that the company is thinking about rebooting “The X-Files.”

Vanity Fair recently reported that Fox is in the very early “logistical phase” of rebooting “The X-Files.” So, basically, Fox is making sure that all the original cast members – David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson – would be on board: “Fox promised, they’re not doing ‘The X-Files’ without Mulder and Scully.”

So, what brought on this possible reboot? If you were thinking “money,” you are wrong. Earlier this month on “The Nerdist” podcast, Anderson said she would by “‘f—ing overjoyed’ to make more episodes of the show.” And USA Today reported that Duchovny is now on board, too.

As Vanity Fair reported, this type of reboot is nothing new. During the past few years, many canceled television shows have gotten resurrected thanks to crowdsourcing (think “Veronica Mars”) and social media. (Last year, “Deadpool” the movie received a huge push from Internet buzz.)

So, the only other person who needs to “commit” to make this thing a go is Chris Carter, the show’s creator. Vanity Fair reported that Carter has interest, but also has a lot going on. Fox also confirmed that it would not move forward with the project without Carter, either.

What do you think? Are you totally sick of reboots and old shows being brought back to life? I, for one, am not. I never got on “The X-Files” bandwagon in the beginning, but rediscovered it on Netflix a few years ago. Let’s just say, I now believe, and I really hope “The X-Files” gets another go.

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