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Have a Feminist Makeup Event Already!

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I am a makeup enthusiast. I adore layering my face with various shadows and powders, and painting my lips in crazy colored hues. So, why do I love makeup so much? Because of how it makes me feel. While, yes, I wear makeup to look 
“better than usual” sometimes, I always wear makeup with the intent to make myself feel good — I’m not wearing it for anyone else. That’s why the idea of #feminist-makeupping and feminist makeup events make me so happy. The act itself is just getting together with other makeup lovers and putting on makeup to make yourself feel awesome, and vibrant. Anyone can do it — male, female, etc. — straight, or not.

So, how was #feminist-makeupping born? According to XOVain, the phrase was first a tag on Tumbler, “coined in 2012 by ‘rgr-pop.’” At a basic level, this is what #feminist-makeupping is all about:

It’s “about makeup and how it relates to the politics of feminism: how we present our body and selves to the world, and how we engage with the beauty industry and patriarchy’s ideals on gender presentation.”

So, how can you host your own feminist makeup event and support the #feminist-makeupping concept? XOVain has some pretty killer advice on planning a big (or small) event filled with friends, food, conversation, and plenty of makeup tutorials.

1. Find a venue and spread the word

If you’re going to book a venue, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate a lot of people (and is accessible to wheelchairs, etc.). Also important: The venue must have good “makeup friendly application” lighting. Of course, if you want to keep your event small, you can just host it at home with the help of a few makeup mirrors and collapsible tables. If you keep it small, you can probably manage your invite list by texting some of your besties. If you are going for a bigger turnout, always head to social media and spread the word. Also: Make cheap-o flyers and hang at like-minded establishments (local beauty boutiques, yoga studios, etc.).

2. Provide lots of makeup options

Whether you’re hosting a large or small event, ask all participants to bring their own makeup. Diversity is key! You may not have green glitter eye shadow, but someone sure will. Make sure to provide plenty of makeup wipes, Q-tips, disposable mascara wands, alcohol, etc., to keep things clean.

If you’re unsure what your buddies like to slather on their faces and are worried their products won’t contain any vegan, cruelty-free options, make sure you bring your own. If you’re hosting and want to show your non-vegan friends how awesome cruelty-free makeup can be, consider getting samples from the following brands:

3. Prepare for snacks and chats

Make a plethora of cocktails, and healthy treats (make sure you include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food options). Also: Make sure your guests know that this is an event where everyone should discuss how they feel about makeup: How were you brought up to use it? Were you taught that feminists don’t wear makeup? Ask your friends why they wear makeup, and how their relationship with makeup has changed through the years.

All in all, big or small event, this should be a fun, relaxing time for like-minded folks (people who love makeup) to get together and talk about the politics of makeup in a safe, open space.

Now, get planning!

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