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Edgy, High-Vibe Yoga Clothing and Meaningful Jewelry Fashion Brands with a Spiritual Twist


With just about everyone participating in yoga these days, society is becoming increasingly more receptive of spirituality and the practices it involves. Yoga clothing companies and jewelers are taking note.

Fashion now is a matter not only of style but also of heightened consciousness. Wear spirituality in your heart on your sleeve, literally.

These 5 clothing and jeweler brands pair fine-tuned taste with the do-good/feel-good spirit.

1. Spiritual Gangster

Its name says it all: Spiritual Gangster is perhaps the edgiest yoga clothing brand out there, bringing lifestyle pieces you wear not just on, but off the mat and in your everyday life. That way, you can carry the high vibrations of your yoga practice with you, even when you aren’t downward dogging, you can be a more embodied ambassador of all things Namaste. The fashion line promotes high vibration living among a new generation of yogis seeking balance between the ancient practice of yoga and modern day style. Spiritual Gangster has options for men, women and children. It also donates one meal per each item sold.


2. Satya Jewelry

Dubbing its products “meaningful, radiant, symbolic and powerful”, it’s hard to resist the urge to deck your neck, wrists and ears with Satya Jewelry’s many handcrafted designs. Satya combines precious stones with sacred symbols to bring more meaning to your bling. Satya’s website also gives you the opportunity to design your own necklace, letting you select the chain, pendent and the pendent’s position on the chain.

yoga rebel

3. Yoga Rebel

A European hub for yoga gear, Yoga Rebel is different than the traditional yoga website. It focuses on modern, contemporary, “super cool” yoga products from the U.K. and around the world, so you can have access to spiritual gear (including Spiritual Gangster) that you know has been vetted by those with high standards. The number of products sold are limited, and for a reason. The store only stocks what it believes will make your yoga experience a better one, both functionally and fashionably. No more cruising the web for the latest and trendiest yoga products – simply head to Yoga Rebel.


4. Elevate WW

Also European-based, ElevateWithWings is an online spiritual clothing store selling designs inspired by ancient spiritual symbols, yoga, philosophy and positive energy. Elevate WW promises good vibes. The name itself derives from the idea of Kundalini energy activating and rising up the spine to activate the energy centers, or chakras. A serpent is used to symbolize kundalini energy and when the serpent reaches the heart chakra, it grows wings and rises up to a higher state of consciousness – that is, Elevate With Wings.


5. The Neshama Project

In the market for a timeless, everyday jewelry piece? The Neshama Project is here to serve you. The company makes necklaces, bracelets and rings baring the hamsa hand. Designs are simple and fuss-free, but delicate and beautiful enough to draw attention. The hamsa, which translates to “five”, is believed to offer magical protection from the envious or evil eye. The company puts 10 percent of each purchase towards Innovation Africa and Zeno Mountain Farm.

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