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D Free: Wearable Technology Tells You When You Have to Go Number 2

D Free: Wearable Technology Tells You When You Have to Go

D Free is wearable technology that’s being marketed for the elderly or those with disabilities and incontinence. It lets people know ahead of time that they have to go so they don’t have accidents.

D Free lets you know before you even know so you have time to find a restroom. It gives you around 10 minutes to find a restroom via an app on your phone.

The wearable technology will also note every time that you go to the bathroom so it can gather accurate data about your going habits. Talk about losing your privacy. According to the company, it takes back control of your life so you no longer have to fear embarrassing accidents.

It’s about the size of a business card and it sits on your stomach. The device detects swelling or movement in your bowels and later works off of data gathered from your regular bathroom habits.

While it does provide a giggle, the device could be helpful for those that suffer from incontinence and it could also be useful for industries that deal with the elderly, like nursing homes.

Triple W, a Japanese start up based in California, says that they are planning to bring the device to crowd funding sites. Right now the price point of the device is around $200 but they hope to bring it down to $50 by the time it hits the market. The company hopes to launch the device by May.

According to Mashable:

Details are still scarce, but according to a promotional video, the wearable will be able to detect “activity in your intestines” — at which point an accompanying app will send you a push notification providing an approximate window of time that lets you know how much time you have to find a restroom.

What do you think? Is this a serious invasion of privacy or does this fill a need for those that have unpredictable bowel movements?

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