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Composting Toilets: Coming Soon to an Outdoor Concert Venue Near You!

These composting toilets are fashionable and sustainable.

No one wants to use a portapotty. But when you’re at a big, outdoor event, the large, plastic hiny hiders are better than the alternative—squatting and taking a whiz in the gravel.

Well, move over portapotties. There’s a new alternative in town. And while its contents are equally as disgusting as the traditional johnny-on-the-spot’s, the contents in these will, at the very least, be used for good.

Composting toilets are easy to operate.

Image via the company’s Facebook

Let us introduce you to Natural Event’s sawdust, composting toilet. That’s right, this Australian company has seemingly successfully revamped outdoor concert cans.

So, how eco-friendly are these toilets? Well, take a look at their environmental resume yourself:

  • All of Natural Event’s toilets are flatback. That means a person can load 150 of them on a truck. You can typically only fit 26 Portapotties on a truck.
  • Every composting toilet is chemical-free and liquid-free. How? Sawdust is the key. And that sawdust also keeps the outdoor johns stink-free. Really: If every toilet user remembers to use sawdust after they go—users are supposed to retrieve a cup of the sawdust before entering the toilet—the stink will disappear. According to the company, it’s the continual addition of sawdust that creates a bio-filter—also known as a physical barrier that absorbs smell because it contains carbon.
  • Because there’s no water or liquid involved, the company is able to forgo using a tanker for water transport. The company also uses environmentally-sound cleaning products to clean their facilities.
  • All the compost created by the toilets can be used to help plants grow.

Sadly, these potties aren’t in the United States yet, but according to the company’s website, they will be here soon enough. But if you’re ever in the UK or Australia and are attending an outdoor event, make sure you stop to make some water at one of these cool toilets. If you think about it, it’s probably the easiest way to help the environment, like, ever.

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Image via the company’s Facebook page

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