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C’est La Vie! Fall in Love with Parisian Style for Your Home

The Parisian style home decor trend.

We love Parisian style and decor. Who doesn’t?

There’s been a renewed interest in Parisian style, and French-themed finds in the world of home decor. This trend is most assuredly inspired by the recent goodwill directed toward Parisians after the terror attacks in 2015, but the Parisian style home decor trend has deeper roots.

Paris is the city of love, beauty, fashion, art, culture, architecture, and more, and it has long been a muse for artists and creative types from which to draw inspiration. From the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre to the small French bistros and street fashion, Paris is a city devoted to aesthetics and a perfect place to use as an inspiration point for your home decor aesthetic.

Paris is a delicious blend of both the old and the new. Modern and traditional are honored in a completely seamless and effortless way. Paris is an old world European city, but it is also a modern marvel. Parisian style can only as described as chic, stylish, timeless, and magically stunning–it only makes sense to incorporate some of that “je ne sais quoi” Parisian style into your own space. Create from of the magic by giving a nod to Paris. And don’t worry that you are mixing styles. Instead, follow in the footsteps of Parisians and do it with flair!

Mais Oui, Parisian Style!

The Parisian style home decor trend.

1. Je T’Aime, Paris Print

Image: TypographyPrintables

Declare your love of Parisian style to the world with this colorful and fun wall art print featuring the Eiffel Tower.

The Parisian style home decor trend.

2. Paris Market Table

Image: Grandin Road

Inspired by carts used to wheel goods to market, this practical table combines useful storage and a removable wooden top. This table would work great as a bar cart!

The Parisian style home decor trend.

3. French Bottle Chandelier

Image: Potterybarn

A showpiece chandelier is necessary to get that old world Parisian charm. This version is a design based on a vintage piece and features real weathered-glass bottles stacked on a double metal frame for a rustic look.

The Parisian style home decor trend.

4. C’est Magnifique Wallpaper


Wallpaper is a common find in Paris apartment decor. Add Parisian-inspired wallpaper with this retro-chic design featuring the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as well as double-decker buses of London and the gondoliers of Venice.

The Parisian style home decor trend.

5. French Style Coffee Table Book


Image: Burke Decor

What salon is complete without a collection of fabulous coffee table books? Get started with this volume that looks at the long history of French style.

The Parisian style home decor trend.

6. High Back Linen Sofa

Image: Houzz

If you have almost $3,500 to spare, consider investing in this high back style sofa for that Old World Parisian style.

The Parisian style home decor trend.

7. Rattan Cafe Chair

Image: Terrain

And when adopting the Parisian style, don’t forget about creating a chic outdoor space too. These cafe chairs are just the thing to recreate a Paris cafe on your deck.

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