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8 Fall Style Resolutions to Make Right Now

8 Fall Style Resolutions to Make Right Now

Already thinking about your fall style? Of course you are.

While there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy, many of us are getting a head start on how we’re going to tackle the whole fall style thing—you know, without falling victim to every new trend in sight or losing our sense of individuality in some fast fashion black hole.

Hey, fashion faux pas happen to the best of us, but why not use each new season to regroup and learn from our mistakes? Yep, that means ditching your what-the-eff-was-I-thinking duds and thoughtfully building the wardrobe of your dreams. And while you’re at it, use these fall style resolutions to make sure you don’t come home with clothes you might kinda sorta regret later:

1. Dress to impress… yourself

I know you hear this all the time, but don’t buy clothes you think you “should” buy—buy the clothes you’re drawn to, that excite you, and that make you happy. Period. Fashion trends will come and go, but a timeless capsule collection of clothes you’ll love forever is… well, forever.

2. Choose your trends thoughtfully

Not every trend suits every body type or personality, but if there is a fall style trend that leaves you drooling, splurge wisely. Once the trend is over, will you still love the item? Or will you be able to morph it into something else/wear it differently once it’s old news? The more versatile the trend, the less wasted closet space in your future.

3. Buy local

If you always shop at the same stores, maybe it’s time to see other boutiques. You’ll never know the unique, one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll find if you don’t venture out of your comfort zone.

4. Try something new

Do you always buy the same styles and colors? If your wardrobe’s feeling a little stale, make a pact that you’ll buy something daring to amp up your fall style. Whether it’s a new style of jacket or a bold-colored top, go big or go home.

5. Find your dream handbag

You know, the unicorn handbag: The one you can wear every day, with every outfit, that suits every occasion. It may have been easier to find your husband than it will be your soulpurse, but like the hubs, it’ll be worth the wait.

6. Plan for an investment piece

We’ve all got that big-ticket item on our wish list that we say we’ll splurge on “one day”—that gorgeous jacket, those sky-high boots, or that uber-sparkly bracelet… only “one day” never seems to show up. The fact is there’ll always be a more responsible way for you to spend your money, but why work hard if you’re not going to allow yourself a perk every now and then?

7. Upgrade your undies

While nobody can tell that your granny panties are totally riding up on you (like, right now), isn’t it about time you trade those stretched-out, worn-out undies in for some comfier digs?

8. Replenish your basics

They might not be the most fascinating part of your wardrobe, but those simple tanks, plain tees and basic jeans really do come in handy. Do an inventory and replace the basics you’ve worn to pieces, so you’re armed and ready for the new season.

What fall style resolutions will you be making?

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