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75 Spectacular Wardrobe Ideas (Or How to Dress at Any Age, Especially After 30)

How to Dress at Any Age

Wondering how to dress if you are a woman over 30, 40, 50, or 60? The short answer. However the damn hell you please.

It’s almost difficult to imagine in 2016 we are still having the same old gender-biased conversations. I say “almost” because it did take over 200 years to nominate our first woman candidate for president after all. But I digress. We have made strides, but that doesn’t seem to keep body-shaming, gender double-standards, and ageism at bay. I still come across articles with titles like “What to Wear If You’re Over 30” in my feed.

While the short answer to the question of what to wear over 30, or any age, is to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, I thought it would be fun to highlight some particular items of clothing. Life and fashion should be what you make of it and what you want out of it. Hopefully, you will be inspired not to give a f**k about what some magazine article thinks you should or shouldn’t wear (ahem). Dress how you want to, not how anyone else wants you to! And this applies to all genders, sizes, and ages. Do not let anyone limit your creativity and self-expression.

Some of the items on this list might seem a little kooky, but the point should be obvious. No one should be telling anyone else what to wear based on age and gender. Now it is okay, in my opinion, to have some societal limits on the where and when some of these choices are appropriate–maybe only wear the tutu to work if you are a ballerina, artist, fashion designer, or similar profession.

How to Dress Over the Age 30, 40, 50, and 60!

  1. Short skirts
  2. Bold stripes
  3. Sundresses
  4. A Bikini
  5. Leggings
  6. All Black
  7. A muumuu
  8. Whatever the hell you want
  9. Giant Sunglasses
  10. A Fedora
  11. Boho Skirts
  12. Headbands
  13. Jumpsuits
  14. Bib overalls
  15. Stilettos
  16. Leather Jackets
  17. Distressed or Embellished Jeans
  18. Skinny Jeans
  19. Bootcut Jeans
  20. Leopard Print
  21. A Turban
  22. Cowboy Boots
  23. No Bra
  24. Sparkles
  25. All White
  26. Big Earrings
  27. Crop Tops
  28. Graphic Tees
  29. Chuck Taylors
  30. Flip Flops
  31. Bows
  32. Bomber Jackets
  33. Flannel Shirts
  34. Whatever the F**K You Want
  35. Hoodies
  36. Cosplay
  37. Menswear
  38. Pajamas Pants in Public
  39. Yoga Pants Outside of Yoga Class
  40. Head Scarves
  41. Fake Fur Anything
  42. Saddle Shoes
  43. The Same Thing Every Day
  44. Anything That You Feel Like
  45. Cleavage
  46. Ski Pants While Not Skiing
  47. Blue Suede Shoes
  48. Mary Janes
  49. Super Pointy Shoes
  50. Oversized Clothing
  51. BodyCon Dresses
  52. A Tuxedo
  53. Patterned or Colorful Tights
  54. Knee Socks
  55. Puffy Vest
  56. Mom Jeans
  57. Shorts
  58. Wrap Around Skirt/Dress
  59. V-Neck Tees
  60. Mismatched Socks
  61. A Tutu
  62. Ironic Clothing
  63. Anything You Damn Well Please
  64. Fringe
  65. Tank Tops
  66. Hawaiian Shirts
  67. Band Tees
  68. Backpacks
  69. Fanny Packs
  70. Sweatpants Outside the House
  71. Maxi Dresses
  72. Items with Hearts/Cats/Smiley Faces on Them
  73. Go-Go Boots
  74. Sweater Vests
  75. Anything That Fits and is Comfortable

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