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7 Must-Have Tea Accessories for the Perfect Cuppa

Must have tea accessories.

Whether you are a regular tea drinker or turn to tea when the weather cools, there are some must-have tea accessories to make your tea sipping most magical.

Hot tea can be your wake-up drink in the morning or part of your bedtime routine in the evening. From Earl Grey to chamomile or green tea to honeybush, your cuppa can benefit from the addition of tools to help you create a better cup and to simplify your tea making process.

If you are just the occasional tea drinker, tea bags and a cup of water heated up in the microwave just might do the trick for you. But for more serious tea aficionados for whom tea is at least a twice or thrice daily ritual, that just won’t work at all, and tea-making tools of all kind are requirements. From infusers for loose tea to electric tea kettles with temperature settings, the marketplace is full of excellent tools to make your next cup of tea a truly sublime experience.

Read on to discover tea accessories you never knew you needed–until now! You just might make the switch from tea bags in the microwave to infused loose tea brewed to perfection.

Must Have Tea Accessories

Must have tea accessories.

1. Tea Infuser

Tea infusers of various styles are vital for those who prefer to use loose tea. Using loose tea is more economical and is usually of a higher quality than tea bags. This universal infuser can work with a variety of cups, mugs, and even teapots.

Must have tea accessories.

2.Tea Travel Mug

Drink your tea on the go? This travel mug might be ideal, so you no longer have to drink over-brewed tea. This mug only works with tea bags or pouches, though.

Must have tea accessories.

3. Infuser Tea Mug

An all-in-one infuser mug is ideal for those who enjoy loose tea, but not the extra step of using a teapot. The porcelain mug even comes with a lid to keep your tea warm while it’s brewing that also doubles as a handy stand for the infuser.

Must have tea accessories.

4. Teapot

If you plan on making more than one cup of tea, either a second cup for yourself or a cup for a friend, a teapot is a must. And there’s no need for a fussy teapot when this modern stoneware pot will do just nicely.

Must have tea accessories.

5. Teapot Warmer

And when you do make a pot of tea, a tea warmer is a handy tool to help keep the tea left in your pot warm. It’s a simple design that only requires a tea light candle to produce the warmth.

Must have tea accessories.

6.Electric Tea Kettle

An electric tea kettle makes the work of boiling water a cinch, but this temperature select kettle is the bee’s knees.  It heats the water to the perfect temperature for the kind of tea or infusion you are making. Black tea can take on boiling water while other types of teas are too delicate. For example, white tea is best brewed with water that is 175 degrees.

Must have tea accessories.

7. Tea Ball

A tea ball is another handy dandy loose tea infuser. It’s best to have several infusers on hand in your kitchen (or more, depending on the number of tea drinkers in your home and how often you do the dishes).

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